Tuesday, August 11

Time to turn off your technology!

Lisa told Sydney and I about this new rule she's instituted in her house, Technology Turn-Off Time. There have been plenty of articles about the dangers of kids and adults spending the minutes leading up until bed on their phones and/or computers. It's best to turn them off and ignore them for some time before laying down. Lisa told Sydney all about it, and Syd was totally into it. Even going so far as to tell her friend, Lydia, all about it.
Last night, Technology Turn-Off Time was accepted with no issues.
Tonight, not so much. There was pouting, negotiations, sighing, bargaining, and my favorite, "Wait. Let me tell you how changing this will be better for you." Still, I stuck to my guns, and child was pissy at me most of the remainder of the night.
It's time to write out the after-school and evening schedule again. She's forgotten the way things are done.
And on school nights, Technology Turn-Off Time will be enforced vigorously. Because even though she doesn't think it's that good of an idea anymore, I am still a super fan.
But will I ever implement it for myself? Oh ... probably not.

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