Monday, August 31

It's raining and thundering and lightning-ing

I think that our neighbors must wonder about our sanity. Weather rolls in, and me, my husband and my kid all make our way outside to stand in the driveway and watch the lightning, listen to the thunder, and feel the rain on our faces. We spend a good several minutes remarking on how nifty the weather is, how bright the lightning can get, and how cooling even the slightest breezes can be. We make all kinds of amazed noises when there is a particularly loud thunder crash, or when super bright lightning flashes across the sky.
As long as I can remember, Brian and I have always enjoyed going outside and experiencing the weather. Be it a blizzard in Boston, monsoon in Arizona, or the bits and pieces of a hurricane in Houston, we always make our way outside to "ooh" and "aah" over what's going on. It's fun for us, and we enjoy it. And I love, love, love that somehow we have managed to instill our love of the weather in our kiddo, who stands out there as long as we do, being all wow about it, too.
But the rest of the people here seem to have no appreciation for what goes on outside their walls. I am sure that the old couple next door must wonder about where we could possibly be from when we are so vocally amazed by the storms that roll through the desert.
Tonight, we had the coolest lightning storm, and some super long thunder rolls. but did any of them enjoy it? Perhaps, from inside. But can you really appreciate what you're seeing from behind a window? Anyway, they probably think we're crazy.

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