Thursday, August 27

I don't like the word "clenching"

I've realized lately that I've turned into a clencher. Not, a butt clencher, as most of you who know me well enough would suppose, but a teeth and jaw clencher. I find that several times a day I need to tell myself to relax my jaw, and when I do, I can feel the pressure release from my teeth. I can feel that I'm not squeezing them together anymore.
Why the clenching all of a sudden? Good question, and while stress is certainly a contributing factor, I refuse to believe that my behavior can be influenced in such a manner. It's like, I'm bored, so I clench my jaw. I'm watching television, so I clench my jaw. I'm not eating anything, so I clench my jaw. Occasionally, it'll give me a headache.
So, did I ask the dentist I sleep with about it? I did, but not really. I kinda mentioned it in passing, and didn't really tell him that I was super concerned about it. So, in typical husband fashion, he's forgotten about it. But while I sit here right now, feeling how my jaw is relaxing and aching just the littlest bit from the lack of pressure, I really should talk to him about it at more length tomorrow.

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