Thursday, August 6

I didn't sob, but there were tears

I'm sad, you guys.
Just as I thought I would, I avoided the final episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as long as I could. But we watched it, and I got all kinds of sad. But there was happy, too. It was a treat to see all the former correspondents return for the episode, and I just about peed myself when Stephen Colbert showed up. (My goodness, I didn't realize how very much I missed seeing his face on my television until he arrived on set. I can't wait for his The Late Show to start in September.) And that the correspondents' segment lasted for a full 26 minutes was super gravy. I didn't feel like anyone got shafted, though I guess I would have liked a little more Steve Carell.
And then there was his "The More You Know..." segment about identifying bullshit thrown your way, which was good, and also gave us a primer to study until Trevor Noah returns with the show in September. And the cast and crew introductions were done well, too. It's just a shame that I am not a fan of Bruce Springsteen, otherwise the show would have been perfect.
Still, I cried at the end, but only when Stewart couldn't say anything except goodbye. To have him ride off into the New Jersey sunset is a delight. But I'd love to have him around soon in some awesome capacity. Doing stand-up? I already made a Ticketmaster alert for if/when he shows up around Phoenix. Absolutely anything else? I just hope he starts a Twitter account.

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