Tuesday, August 18

I chose Julie Newmar to illustrate

Sydney has an assignment due on Friday, wherein she needs to write a paragraph about if she could be a certain person for a day, what would she do. Sounds awesome and creative, right? I would be an astronaut in space, because that's my dream, and I think that would be an amazing experience.
My daughter? She would like to be Catwoman, so she can be fast and steal stuff.
Yes. Given all the people in the world, my child would prefer to be the femme fatale of Batman's universe (not even a Marvel character? Ugh!), who is super cool and kicks ass, but also, who ultimately is a thief. A thief with a heart of gold, kinda, but a thief nonetheless.
I am interested to see how this idea progresses as she writes out the assignment. She needs eight to 12 sentences in the paragraph, so there is obviously room for more information and clarity. This paragraph, once completed, will be golden, I'm sure.

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