Saturday, August 22

Bring on the pink, pink, pink

I've been slowly transforming my bedroom bit by bit into a room that will have a pink quilt on the bed. I find little things here and there to make the room more pink friendly, and to shift the accessories' focus from purple and green to pink. What I need though, is a trip to Home Goods. It's totally on my list for Monday. Mom tells me that they have Halloween stuff, which may run counter intuitive to the pink theme I'm going for. It's about time to check it out, though. I haven't been there since before school was out in May. There are some things that just can not be done with a kid and/or husband around, and Home Goods is one of them.
Anyway, today I added some flowers to a vase in my room, moved some other flowers to another place, added a new plant, moved a plant, rearranged some picture frames. I think I'm about ready for the new quilt. Just gotta get it.

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