Monday, August 17

"Breaking Bad" is not for me. Don't judge

My complete and utter apathy towards Breaking Bad is driving my husband crazy.
He's decided to sit and watch the series again, starting at the beginning, and is currently deep into season two. I've never been interested in the show. Not for lack of trying, or circumstance. Or peer pressure. Oh, I know, "It's such a great show." So I've been told more times than I can count.
But I just don't feel that. Sure, it's compelling. The episodes I've seen are done incredibly well. But I've got no love for it, as other fans do. As Brian does. He swears I don't like the show just because he loves it so much. Totally not the case.
At any rate, I did watch a couple episodes with him today, but was completely okay with walking away from it tonight to watch nothing else, and hang out in my room with my computer. He is/was baffled by my ability to do this. "How can you just walk away?"
Sure, it's good, but not all that good. It's not, like, Buffy the Vampire Slayer good or anything.

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