Sunday, July 12

Thorns be gone, seriously

It's super late, and I'm getting up early tomorrow to drive all day, so I'm gonna make this one quick.
Brian and I had a very Lion and Mouse moment with Cooper tonight, wherein we had to remove a thorn from his paw. He'd been outside, and had come upstairs, only to show signs of obvious issues on one of his feet. We quickly picked him up and flipped him over. On his right front paw, we saw three thorns stuck in his toe pad. It was so upsetting for all of us!
Anyway, I held him on my lap and trapped the foot in my hand. Brian found the flashlight and tweezers. It was done in a matter of a minute, but still, it was very serious surgery. Once the thorns were gone, we could see where there was actual bleeding on his toe pad. Not cool, thorns! Not cool!
I'm all paranoid that it's going to happen again this week while I'm gone. Like, it hasn't happened to him in all these 18 months, but I'm all afraid that it'll happen for a second time within a few days. Because I'm a ridiculous mom that stresses about everything.

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