Thursday, July 9

They're rubber, black and round. Tires.

This might be one of the most ridiculous things to be super proud of, but when I got my tires on the car rotated today, the guy told me that they were in "fantastic shape." I've been incredibly vigilant about getting them rotated regularly, because they're the first top-of-the-line tires we've gotten in a while, and I want to keep them that way. So, every 5,000 miles, I call up Discount Tire and get my appointment for rotation. Since the cost of the rotations are included in the cost of the tires, there is no money changing hands, which is awesome. And since I do this, there is no wear on my tires at all, and they look magnificent. I am puffed up and unreasonably proud of this.
But here's the other thing. I had a 9 o'clock appointment this morning. I was there about three minutes early. I asked the guy when I came in if they were running on time today. He said yes, that it'll be about 45 minutes because I have an appointment. So I hand over the keys and go sit outside. And there I sat, for 20 minutes, with my car still sitting in the parking lot.
So I went inside: "How come with a 9:00 appointment, my car is still sitting in the lot for 20 minutes?" ... The man says to me: "Not to worry; we'll get to it soon. It only takes about 15 minutes to rotate the tires anyway, so you'll get out of here in your 45 minutes."
And he was right. they took the car into the garage about three minutes later, and the car was done about 15 minutes after that. So I did get out of there within the 45 minutes he approximated.
Um, okay. Here's my question: Why not just rotate the tires at the appointment time, and get me out of there in 15 minutes, rather than procrastinate on the appointment time, and build in a 30-minute waiting period? Why not just do that? Why make me sit there and pick my nose for 25 minutes, and make me wonder if you've forgotten about us? You are capable of scheduling appointments, Discount Tire. Stick to them.

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