Thursday, July 23

Overly dramatic, but clean and happy

Since I know you all are super curious, I will let you know: I finally have a working, non-leaking water heater in my house again. I have to tell you, you don't know how dependent you are on hot water until the option is taken away from you. It's been five days since I've been able to take a hot/warm shower. I haven't been able to run my dishwasher. I've not done laundry.
To be able to start the dishwasher this afternoon was a special treat, and I bow down to the goddess of magical things. Also, I have a load of laundry in the washer. And my entire family is super, squeaky clean. It felt so good to be officially showered.
And since it's all fixed now, and I can stop living without it, my intention is to begin, once again, taking hot water for granted. From now on, I will assume it will always be available. It will be expected to arrive in a timely and steamy fashion, regardless of the circumstances. I will forget about this ugly chapter in our lives, and move on, like any survivor.

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