Tuesday, July 28

My goodness, get out of the house

I think I might leave my house tomorrow.
I haven't left my home since Sunday.
This is due to a couple reasons, but mostly because my partner in crime has decided that Monday and Tuesday this week should be Pajama Days. My child has been in pajamas since Sunday night.
Do. Not. Judge. Me.
She's had a lovely couple days, but it's over now. I am going insane. We went out to get the trash can tonight, and it was like we exited a movie theater after so many hours and hours. We were amazed and delighted by the light and fresh air. The sun blinded us with its pure beauty. It was delicious to breathe not air-conditioned air.
I wonder what it would be like to walk farther than the 50 feet into the kitchen, or up the 25 stairs to the bedroom. A bit of exercise is definitely on tap for Wednesday. I would say that we're going to the zoo, but really, that gets super hot this time of year. Maybe a museum of some kind? Who knows, but I definitely have errands to run, and if we land someplace outdoors and "not my house" for an hour or more, so be it.

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