Wednesday, July 29

I'm watching "Terminator 2" right now

ITEM!: I am ridiculously pleased to see that my local Safeway grocery store is installing solar panels over the parking lot, providing shade for the customers' cars while obviously using the solar power of the Arizona sun to its advantage. Sydney and I arrived at the store today and got a bit too giddy when faced with the construction in the parking lot, and the signs proclaiming that it was a solar installation. Sure, the solar power is a fantastic thing, but really, there's nothing better than a grocery store with shade makers in the parking lot.
ITEM!: Brian is in a snit because they keep talking about the dentist that killed the lion, and referring to him as a "dentist." He would like to know why they keep saying his profession, because apparently, he thinks it's bad for the perception of dentists. He's taking this quite personally, I said to him, because if the killer was a gym owner, or an attorney, or a postal worker, the media would be saying that. I say, "How about some upset because the guy killed an animal for no reason?" And that just started a thing about how if Zimbabwe wanted to stop the practice, they would. Just because it's government-permitted murder doesn't make it right.
ITEM!: I started and finished a book today, and it was good, and I enjoyed reading it. You want to know something? My kid picks on me for how much I read. I remember that I became a better and more engaged reader the summer after I turned nine, so I'm really hoping the same for her. I'm going to be bummed if she takes a more ... paternal ... approach to reading throughout her life.

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