Wednesday, April 29

Yes, I finally took care of that one thing

The interesting thing to me is always, why do I live with something that's not working when I don't have to? Why do I avoid making that one phone call that can fix it all, and I can be happy? Why martyr myself and my family for the sake of ... the sake?
Today, I finally took the time to call DirecTV to complain about my downstairs remote control. The kicker is that the remote has been slow, difficult to use, and irritating for several months. It's been getting progressively worse. And we've been dealing. Every day when I use the remote, I get mad at it, and always promise myself that I'll call and get a new one "tomorrow."
Today was finally that tomorrow. And it only took 18 minutes to get it done. (That included set-up time for other quick fixes, too.) And Brittany was totally cool and helpful.
The new remote has been ordered, and hopefully shipped out some time today, with no fuss or circumstance at all. So, were back to watching television with a working remote, and it's pretty exhilarating.
Also, we've decided to sign a new lease for this house for another two years. Marking a milestone, of sorts, that we'll be in the same place for so long.
Here's hoping that in 2017, we'll be able to buy our own place.

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