Monday, April 20

Top ten Sedona moments

Things about our Sedona weekend: 
1. Driving into Sedona at night sucks, because you can't see any of the red rocks. They're too pretty to miss so early into the trip. It's like a welcome, and I felt cheated Friday night.
2. I had the most delicious bloody mary on Saturday morning before we started our day. I finished it before anyone else finished theirs, and probably would have had another, but decided that being too buzzed first thing in the morning would not bode well for my day.
3. When they tell you that sitting in the way back of the Hummer for the trip to the top of the Colorado Plateau is super bouncy, believe them. It is. Brian and I got tossed around like frickin' rag dolls for two straight hours. Though the view and pictures from the top are pretty astounding.
4. New Favorite Dessert: waffle cone pieces in the bottom of a bowl, strawberry ice cream atop them, and a waffle cone to scoop and eat said ice cream atop that. Best snack, I think, in a really, really long time.
5. Jerome is way cooler than we had ever thought it would be, and we're intrigued to go back. I would like a sizable art budget though, before we go. There was so much stuff I would have loved to bring home. Also, the wait for Haunted Hamburger was too long, so we didn't eat there, but I must dine there at some point.
6. Sunsets in Sedona are no joke. The ocean of people you have to navigate to see them, are. Ugh.
7. I saw my first pack of javelinas, and they were everything I could have hoped. The first one made its appearance, and then it disappeared. Then, it returned, followed by five friends and packmates. So, frickin' cool. I love wildlife in nature, and this sighting was so super awesome to me.
8. For someone who doesn't generally eat breakfast food, I indulged this weekend, and ate two very delicious omelets. Saturday Omelet: cheese, sausage, green bell peppers. Sunday Omelet: Italian sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, basil, topped with mozzarella cheese. These were amazing, and I think I may be an official fan of omelets now.
9. Even if you don't believe in what they represent, one can still appreciate churches for their breathtaking architecture and surroundings.
10. Family is super fun.

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