Thursday, April 30

Move along, dude. Move along

Let's have a moment and discuss Sofia Vergara.
She graced the cover of my Vanity Fair this month, which I just finished reading last night.
I'm a fan. I was before I read the article, but I am even more so now. I love Modern Family. I think she's awesome. The article highlighted her history as well as what she's up to now, which is a whole lot. She's super smart, super nice, and seems to be super all the way around.
Which is what makes hearing about her ex-fiance so hard. I'm on her side, certainly, but the fact that this guy, who clearly is just bitter, is making life hard for her is irritating. This guy, last name Loeb, wants to take embryos that the couple had frozen years ago, and unfreeze them and grow a baby now. They broke up more than a year ago. But in August last year, he filed a complaint to have the embryos brought to term, all Vergara has to do is accept split custody, and, no doubt, pay him child support. Oh sure, he wants to have kids; he wants a family. Dude. Find someone who wants to have a family with you. Don't try to force someone else into parenthood just so you can (and you know this is the reason why) fleece them of money, and keep them in your life forever.
Loeb wrote an op-ed piece for The New York Times, trying to make his case for his need for parenthood with these two particular embryos. I call bullshit on that. He has a need for Vergara's money, and for her to be beholden to him forever and ever. If he needs kids all that much, there are so many who are waiting to be adopted.
It all comes down to her right to have biological children or not. She can not be forced into the situation, no matter how many essays he writes for the newspapers. They both signed a contract saying that the embryos can't be unfrozen without both people's consent. This should be unwavering. Why he thinks his desire to have kids should trump the contract, and her wishes, is beyond me. What a dick.
This guy needs to leave Sofia alone. She's got Joe Manganiello now, and that's fantastic.

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