Thursday, April 2

And we have apples!! After a fashion, of course...

Well, there it is! Do you see it? Right there; the little green leaves? Pretty awesome, right?
Sydney and I are so exited to present our little apple seed sprouting up in the soil! He's the first of a few sprouts (we hope), as we planted several seeds in the pot. And we're so damn excited that I Instagrammed the thing and plastered it on Facebook so everyone could share in our glory and delight. There is a second sprout ready to break through on the other side of the pot, and I now have more hope than ever that we may see some real apple action.
Of course, Sydney thinks we should have apples within the next few months, or even a year, but I've tried my best to explain that it'll probably be several years, and we won't be able to move and travel with the tree once it gets to a certain size. (In the long run, I guess this may not have been such a good idea.) ... But until then, we will love, nurture and protect our little sproutlets.
Oh, don't worry, I'll keep you updated.

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