Saturday, March 28

That's the Pacific Ocean. It's super big

Oh my gosh, has it been three days since I posted? I guess so. The timeline never lies.
I just went downstairs to open windows and lock doors, and also ate a lemon Oreo. A cookie that Mom and I decided is best when eaten one at a time, because the synthetic taste is yucky when you consume two or more in a sitting.
Also, we fixed a random flower arrangement that's been bugging me, and bonus, it didn't cost anything because the "new" vase is one that I already had in the cupboard. Sometimes, my friends, it's better to not have vase fillers in a vase, because they can be too bright and reflective. Anyway, I think all the fake flower situations in my house are better situated now.
My recent obsession with pink continues unabated. That is all.

This picture reminds me of a particularly funny Yahoo! Answers question and answer I saw on Twitter.
Q: How big is the specific ocean?
A: Could you be more pacific?

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