Wednesday, March 11

Stop ... minion time

Of all the awesome presents and coolnesses that I picked up over the last couple days, perhaps the most ridiculous is the Despicable Me minion watch that I got at Target today. It was in the girls' section of the store, lights up to tell you the time, and is fantastic. I've become kind of a closeted minion obsessive lately. I've got a minion text alert. When Sydney needed new underwear, I bought her a package of minion panties. I'm waiting for the ideal minion Pop! vinyl, and it will have a place on my shelf. My watch is the best though.
Another random I got at Disneyland: a giant eraser in the shape of Ariel on the rock. You know the pose I mean. Anyway, it's a giant green eraser in that shape. And it's weird. And I bought it fully knowing that I would not ever use it. It's going to sit on my desk, looking super effective and editor-like, and will never, ever be used.
I am really pleased with my random purchases over the last couple days. Sometimes, it's the special, little gems that make shopping worth it.

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