Sunday, March 1

It's an awesome pink bike with a white basket

For whatever reason, Brian decided that we should stay up and watch all our Sunday night television, rather than let one or two shows wait until tomorrow. So, it is really late, and I'm tired and just want to go to bed. However, it's also the first day of March, and I want to get something up here to commemorate that and post the new monthly avatar.
We watched this show called The Last Man on Earth. It's pretty fascinating, but I have to wonder: Why, when you are actually the last person on earth, you would, in the very real circumstance of not having any running water, live in the desert? This guy has holed up in Tucson. I understand that this is obviously where he's from, but really. When you're looking for a water source, why would you pick the desert, where very little water is available? Why not pick Oregon or Washington, where there is a steady climate of clean water falling from the sky? Or somewhere in the mountains near a freshwater stream? This guy's logic is nonsensical, and will bother me. But, the show is pretty funny, so I think Brian and I will continue to watch it.
I rode my new bike around the neighborhood a few times today, and it was quite lovely.

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