Sunday, March 29

I wanted to name my daughter Buttercup

I started reading the Cary Elwes book, As You Wish, about his recollections from working on The Princess Bride, this morning. It looks like it will be a pretty interesting, if quick, read. I love that movie so much, and his writing style seems fluid and easy to read (or is that the co-author?). I only got through the first couple chapters, as the family was quite needy today, but I look forward to some time alone with the book tomorrow.
Also, the season finale of The Walking Dead was tonight, and I'm quite annoyed at the prospect of waiting six months for my next fix. This show is awesome, and I don't like my Sunday night's without it.
Also, it's super late, I'm super tired, it feels super warm in my bedroom, and tomorrow is Monday. Which is ... super.

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