Sunday, March 8

California is ALWAYS a good thing

I always get so eager/stressed/excited the night before we leave for California. All day today, I've been wandering the house aimlessly asking myself what I've forgotten to pack. It's weird because usually I've got a large pile of stuff for the trunk, and this time, it seems as though it's just our clothes and stuff. I mean, of course the food and snacks and such. And of course, the magazines and randoms. But really, there's nothing big for me to transport this time.
Sydney and I are getting up early so we can leave early, so she went to bed on time, and I'm currently on track to do the same. All that's left, really, are the toiletries, and putting everything in the car (which always seems to take so much time). I've got gas in the vehicle already, so excepting the time it'll take to get my Starbucks, we should be on the road on time.
I'm hoping to make it to the DMV along the way though, to get my California driver license renewed. I wasn't able to get an appointment, so I'm rolling the dice with a wait time. We'll see when we get there, I suppose, but I hope the California road trip gods are smiling down on me.
Wheee!! I'm so excited to get out there!!

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