Wednesday, December 3

Wednesday is as Wednesday does

is Cooper's birthday! He turned one year old, and still acts as much the puppy as he was yesterday. I think it's pretty safe to say and tell you that I am smitten, enamored and adoring of my puppy. He's becoming a lap dog, which is awesome; he's sweet and happy, which is lovable; and he's still a bundle of energy, which is exhausting.
my ankle tweaked on the trail again! I blame the ankle this time. Because honestly, why would I turn my own ankle -- the same ankle I turned weeks ago -- on purpose? I wouldn't. The ankle is to blame here, because it's obviously become the weak link in my body chain. I'm not at all looking forward to it swelling, and continuing to be weak and sore.
all the decorations are up! But I still have a couple empty spots to fill. Nightlights and another holiday sofa pillow are required before I will say that the house is done.
Oliver just farted! It was an in-his-sleep, old-man fart, so it was kinda cute, but it was still a juicy, loud fart, so that's nasty. Bad news: he was aiming at me. Good news: it has either not got to me yet, or it doesn't smell.
we watched Home Alone! Sydney hadn't seen it yet, and Brian and I were in a mood for a giggle. I'm so glad that she loved it, because it's one of Brian's favorites, and I still crack up when I see iron marks on Daniel Stern's forehead. Her favorite part, based on the level and sincerity of her laughing, was when Kevin put the tarantula on the guy's face and he screamed. She was hysterical. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up watching it again soon, and it becomes required viewing for every year at Christmas.
is Wednesday! And the countdown to Christmas is looming. I got work to do.

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