Monday, December 1

Such a pretty girl in a pretty dress

If you can believe it, I am starting to think about my New Year's resolutions for 2015 already. I will, of course, surprise you with them on January 1, but the consideration of them has been a hobby lately. I'm almost excited to get started on the new year, which is not usual for me, at the beginning of December.
I think all this is because I'm close to accomplishing most of this year's resolutions, er, EXPECTATIONs, and the biggest of them is looming, but attainable, in the next couple weeks. Who knows what will happen with it, but I feel like just getting it ready and diving in will be a huge deal for me. Yes, I'm being deliberately vague. Soon-ish, I may be more forthcoming, but that will all depend on my state of mind once said EXPECTATION is met.
Also, I did not get all the Christmas decorations up today. It is best to not pile too many things into one day, and setting out seven or eight bins worth of decorations is certainly an all-day, all-encompassing task. I put away the Thanksgiving stuff, and cleaned some stuff out of that, too. I plan on being quite ruthless with my Christmas decor tomorrow, setting aside to donate everything that I don't love and like a whole lot, because the bins are overwhelming me.
Also, my television shows are going on their winter sabbatical, so it's time to break out the books again. I've got another to add to my To-Be-Read Pile, and hope to get through a couple of them over the holidays and the next several weeks. Reading is exactly what I need as a Christmas present to myself.

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