Thursday, December 11

Melting plastic is pungent

My house is all kinds of stinky right now.
About 15 minutes ago, sitting all comfortable on my bed, I was suddenly assaulted in the nose by the stink of something burning. It took me a moment to figure out that it was indeed coming from inside the house. It's a sharp smell, and one that I've smelled before. But not a good one.
With that, I got up, and proceeded to wander around my entire upstairs sniffing big air and trying to identify and triangulate the smell. Nothing upstairs. Heading down the stairs, the smell got stronger. I woke up Brian, who also smelled it, so I know I wasn't going crazy. We checked outside in the backyard, but didn't smell it.
As I walked into the kitchen, I suddenly realized what the smell was: my dishwasher. I typically set it to an air dry cycle, but tonight, for no real reason, decided to try the heat cycle and see if the dishes dried better. The smell was definitely coming from the dishwasher. Opening the thing was like a punch to the nostrils, all heavy with melting plastic.
Want to know what's weird? None of my plasticware had melted onto the heating element. Sure, I had plenty in there, but all of it was in the racks and safe. Our mutual consensus was that it's the element itself that is stinky, from lack of use or a failure of some kind. I flipped the dishwasher back to air dry and closed the door.
My house still stinks. Bleck.

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