Tuesday, December 23

It's because I'm more awake during the day

I gotta tell you. There is something to be said for typing out my blog posts during the day. I feel so much more ... awake and aware of my surroundings! At night, I'm so tired and ready for my day to be over. This is much better.
That does not necessarily mean that blog posts will be done during the day, but it certainly does mean that I'll know that they could be so much better if composed during the day. And it occurs to me that perhaps I should be sure to do them during the day, you know, if the writing will be that much better.
Sydney and Mom are off doing some Christmas shopping for me right now, which is why I have the time to compose two blog posts for the day. You know what else I did? I just walked three dogs around my neighborhood. It sounds like a solid thing to do, but even though, on their own, all three dogs are very good and responsive and well-mannered on leashes, having all three of them in two hands was a bit of a ... wait for it ... handful. Two tugging this way; one pooping; three pulling this way; each pulling a different way; no one caring at all for my sanity. It was an experience. And one that won't likely be repeated anytime soon. It was kind of like corralling a flurry of birds, if you will. They're good boys though, so it was still fun.

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