Saturday, December 20

Deck the halls with gingerbread

I have a whole lot of Christmas emotions going on this year. Chief among them is that I would rather be in California. Sydney's old enough, I've decided, that we can transport Christmas, and the magic of Santa will follow her anywhere. This has been discussed, and it looks like I may be able to make my California Christmas happen next year. (YAY!!)
But because I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about where I'm having Christmas this year, I'm overcompensating with Christmas festiveness events. We went to a Christmas festival last weekend. We're planning our ZooLights excitement for next week when Mom is here. And there's a super cool street of lit houses, called the Loop of Lights, that I'd like for us to go see. But also, there is a gingerbread village display at a local resort that is supposed to be pretty awesome. I read up on it, and the installation is 1,500 square feet of gingerbread houses, structures and festiveness. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Well, don't ask my family, because Sydney and Brian are not at all interested in seeing it. I got poo-pooed by both of them this morning in regards to the village. I only got Sydney's tentative agreement because I'm her mom and I guilted her. Brian is more stubborn, and will be a harder nut to crack, so to speak. But tomorrow is another day, and no doubt there will be an hour somewhere that we can spend going to this random thing.

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