Wednesday, December 17

Christmas carols abound

I'm super chilled, and super tired. I do though, have my evening slippers on, so my feet are warm. I really should be in bed, but I'm still all dressed, and sitting on the bed instead of laying in it. I'm watching tonight's Michael Buble Christmas special as I write this.
I think he's lip syncing some of this stuff. I've found that entertainers, when singing live, tend to lose volume when they pull the microphone far away from their mouths. Bizarrely, this is not happening to Buble. His voice volume is the same throughout, and he holds the microphone at arm's length at times. This is concerning. ... Dude! You're a singer at a single show in a theater! Sing the shit!
Still, I'm a huge fan of Buble, so I'll probably enjoy the rest of this before turning off the lights. But then again, maybe not. I just looked at the clock again. It's late.
On another note (no pun intended), Gwen Stefani sang part of a Christmas carol on The Voice last night, and it made me suddenly, very much want a Christmas album by her. Her voice is so fun and gravelly, and unique, that I think she'd make an awesome Christmas album. There isn't one on iTunes, so I will assume that someone just hasn't suggested it to her, but I'm hoping someone will now. I'd totally buy that CD.

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