Saturday, December 6

And pints and pints of ice cream

I was very pleased to discover today that Sydney and I both prefer a smaller Christmas tree. Brian, of course, wants a 12-foot tree or some such. I don't, and was happy to have Sydney on my side in the discussion. Instead, we have a lovely, little six-foot tree in the living room right now, and it's quite perfect. All the right ornaments fit well, the lights are bright and happy, and it smells so good already.
We had a bit of an epiphany a couple weeks ago about the tree topper, though. We've had a light-up star for the last several years to go on top of our tree. I never liked it much, because it was too bright and looked cheesy. I found out, in the conversation that led to an epiphany, that Brian never liked it either. This blew my mind because I'm certain that he's the one that picked it out. Anyway, the solution, of course, was to not use the star, but to be creative with something else. Brian's brilliant idea: a Santa hat atop the tree. It looks super cool. Sydney is not a fan, but I've reminded her that we can use a different topper every year. Next year, we'll be creative with something else.
So, come to find out that if Sydney and I were in charge of everything in our house with no discussion, there would always be a small Christmas tree, brownies in the kitchen, frozen pizza for dinner, and little to no television during the day, with music always playing. Also, she would want to sleep in my room every night, and I would probably let her.

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