Friday, October 3

Really. She could have been better

Here's my problem with Transformers: Age of Extinction. There was only one major (if you can say that) female character throughout the movie. She was Mark Wahlberg's character's daughter, Tessa, and she was one of the humans who was helping the Autobots. And throughout the film, it seemed as if her character's only purpose was to be the damsel in distress, to look dewy and big lipped, and to wear ankle cowboy boots with big heels and short shorts. She did an excellent job of screaming a lot, being scared in every conceivable situation, pouting about her dad's rules, and staring adoringly at her boyfriend.
Is this the part where you ask me where my indignation was over Megan Fox in the first two Transformers movies? I would say to that, Megan Fox was the car person in those films. She was an auto mechanic, knew how to steal cars, and was a kick-ass driver. A character like that has purpose in a car movie.
Why couldn't the movie people have come up with some real purpose for this girl? Would it have been so difficult for her to be the awesome driver instead of the boyfriend? Or could she have had some mechanical abilities to be helpful in repairing the Autobots? Or could she have been able to do some shooting of the bad guys? My god, stupid movie people, could she have just been braver?
What they managed to perpetuate in this movie is the stereotype of the blond, thin, screaming, sexy girl who needs the strong men to save her, yell at her to do things, and solve all the problems around her. Like it would have killed their movie to create a stronger, more bad-ass (even minimally) girl? Or it would have made the Transformers movie less manly to have a better representative of women?
I call "bullshit" on the movie makers for this one. It should have been done better.

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