Thursday, October 2

Putting my cart before their horse

I had a pre-interview phone interview this afternoon for a lower-rank editor position today. Refreshingly, the interviewer started the conversation by asking me why, exactly, a person with as much professional experience as I have, would be interested in a lower-rank editor spot. I was able to tell her that yes, I've got a lot of experience, but I have been out of the game for a long time, and I really just love putting together magazines, and that I want to have a job again, and am fine with a lower position. All these things are absolutely true.
As to the magazine's topic, it should be as fun to tell people as when I tell them about my other jobs. I enjoy very much that my career has rolled along the lines it has, and this newer position would click with the randomness of my resume perfectly.
Anyway, I think it went well, and she said she would call me early next week after she talks with the other editor. Here's hoping there's an interview on Tuesday or Wednesday, and an offer sometime thereafter. That would work best for my schedule, you know. And that's what is most important when looking for a job; right? Of course, it is. Also, I'm already spending my paycheck: maids for my house; double payments to American Express; groceries; Old Navy; Disneyland; and Ikea. All good things, for certain. But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

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