Tuesday, October 21

Groot tells me when I have a text

In an interesting turn of events, "Patricia" called me to schedule an interview. What's interesting is that Patricia works for a company that I would not have thought would have a place for me. She left me a message today, saying that she saw my resume on Monster, and wanted to schedule an interview. I'm beyond confused, and intrigued, but also nervous. Obviously, she saw my resume, so knows what my skills and qualifications are. I can't imagine she would call me for any position that I wasn't qualified to perform. What a puzzle.
Guess how long it takes to create an "I am Groot" text tone. Well, when said tone creator is a bit crazy, and is super particular about the inflection of the statement as well as the background noise, then it takes about an hour. I spent an entire hour working on a one-second text alert. And honestly, as upset as I am about losing "Inconceivable," I am tickled with "I am Groot." In fact, Mom just texted me, and the sound of it made me giddy.
I can't explain to myself why I was able to scan a document to my computer this afternoon very easily, when months ago, after first installing the printer software, I was unable to scan to such an extent that I gave up on it in a fuming rage. Blaming the printer/scanner is silly, but that really must be the problem, and it seems to have self-corrected, as electronics do. I must have done the same things last time I tried to scan as I did today. It doesn't make sense to think that I would have done it differently. But now that I've got it figured out, assuming it doesn't self-uncorrect, I've got work to do later this week. I need to scan my writing clips so I've got them in digital format. People just don't fax things anymore.

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