Wednesday, October 29

Fewer movies, more likely to be watched?

Netflix has been disappointing me lately. Not because of anything the service has done itself, but because it's not carrying out its purpose. These movies show up, and sure, they seem to be interesting, but then, they just sit there. They just sit there, all suddenly boring, and guilt me. I'm guilted because they spend days and days being not watched. They collect more dust than anything. And then I send them back to Netflix unwatched. And then, more guilt.
I decided to punish Netflix for sending me movies that I don't watch by downgrading my membership. As of early November, my Netflix queue is a one-movie-at-a-time gig. I sent back all three of my current movies, hoping to get only one in return, but according to the e-mails sent to me this morning, I'm about to get a trifecta of new movies that we won't watch.
You're worried about how Brian and I will continue to mainline our movies, aren't you? We've discovered that iTunes is our movie dealer of choice, and that Apple TV is as effective a middle man as any, giving us unfettered access to Netflix's Watch Instantly selection. (Regarding that online aspect of Netflix, we are still all in. We're addicted.)
At this point, I'm really okay with downgrading the Netflix. I don't think I'll miss the three movies at a time. In fact, I'm fairly certain that just the one movie will still collect dust, and be sent back unwatched.

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