Wednesday, January 22

Not at all Robin Hood-esque

Here's a fun game, based on a ridiculous Superman cartoon we watched for a time tonight: What would you do after ingesting a 24-hour super hero serum? The serum, obviously, gives you super-hero powers. You know -- flight, heat vision, x-ray vision, invisibility, strength, and speed. So, given these powers, and the fact that you only have them for 24 hours, what would you do?
In considering this, I've come to realize that I'm not a super honest person, or in possession of a moral center when dealing with bad guys or things I disagree with.
How do you not create a situation -- or several of them -- where you can make yourself financially stable for the rest of your life? And how long do you figure that would take? Like, the first six hours or so? We need to schedule that out. Of course, with super speed, it might take only a couple hours. Let's say ... four hours. That leaves 20 hours for general activity.
What would you do?
Destroy all the guns and bombs in the world, as well as the manufacturing of such things?
Is there a way to disprove religious doctrine, so people will stop killing each other over God? (Or will just a lack of guns do that?)
Can I change the effects of global warming somehow, or help create a better energy source? Restore the rainforests?
Can I just ... um ... remove all the bad, super evil people from our general planetary existence?
What about animals? Can I restore species that have been destroyed by man?
That seems like an awful lot of tasks for those remaining 20 hours. But still, super speed. I may be able to do it. So, I'm like doing all these great planetary and human safety activities to counteract the stealing of the money. You get that. I feel like that would be the agenda for most people with their 24 hours.

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