Thursday, January 23

Ah, yes. We definitely need gardenias

I made the mistake of going into Lowes this morning, and spending time wandering around in the garden center. I mean, I needed the garden center, because I was out of potting soil, and I needed some bug spray for the houseplants, but the extra meandering was not a good idea. They have lovely gardenias there; and a bougainvillea in a short pot that would look awesome on my backyard fence; and those fabulous rosemary bushes that smell so good. And a whole lot of cactus and flowers. All the exact, perfect things that I have to have in my backyard.
I want to pull out that random creeping bamboo kind of plant in the back corner and put in the gardenia and the rosemary. I want that bougainvillea for the fence. The cactus I can live without, as there is an abundance here in the desert (but they are so cool). And the pretty flowers are wonderful, but require more maintenance than I'm prepared to provide. Also, I've got Sydney's mini-pine plant that Brian bought her that needs to be planted in the rose garden. And while weeding will not be fun, it is needed. 
I see a weekend chock full of backyard activities ahead of us. Which really is pretty okay, since it'll be lovely outside.

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