Monday, January 6

A day, a day, a day

ITEM!: I have accomplished Jan. 1's EXPECTATION #7. I quit my kinda job tonight, with a lovely, flowery letter that didn't say any of the things I wanted to say, because I still am owed a final paycheck. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Done and done. Let's sell a book of essays.
ITEM!: Vomit was the unexpected guest of the day, as Sydney was plagued with a stomach bug all night last night, and all day today. I was elbow-deep in puke most of the day today, which is not my favorite thing. Still, she's better tonight, I know this specifically because it's been eight hours since she threw up last. And she's keeping her water down now. Poor baby, she was so thirsty all day today, but she kept throwing up any water she drank. It was awful, and she was miserable. She's sleeping well so far tonight, so tomorrow she'll be feeling better, I'm sure. A sick baby was not at all on my agenda for the week.
ITEM!: All of Christmas is packed up. (I was able to get some stuff done in between my vomit clean-ups.) Only half of the boxes are stacked in the garage, since I'm unable to stack once Brian's car is in there, so those bins are in the dining room. Tomorrow morning, my first order of business will be to get those bins in the garage and stacked up too, so I can finally say that Christmas is put away for the year. I made quite a pile of unwanted holiday items too, so there actually is space in a few of my bins. Weird.
ITEM!: I didn't change out of my pajamas at all today. My sweats over them were warm as I cuddled my sick kid; they were comfortable as I took down decorations and boxed them up; and really, it seemed silly to change into actual clothes only to clean up puke all day. So, tonight, I changed out of pajamas to put on pajamas. That is exactly the kind of day I love (minus the other stuff, of course). I even wore them when I went to get some gas in the car and pick up dinner for B and I.
ITEM!: I cleaned my computer keyboard with some rubbing alcohol tonight, after Sydney had played with it earlier, and was disgusted. I need to do that kind of cleaning more often. Yuck.
ITEM!: Regarding the picture, it is a Japanese maple tree. I can't remember if I've used it before. It was in the desktop folder, so I don't think I have, but it's so pretty, I feel like I must have and just forgot to trash it after. So, here it is. Maybe again.

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