Thursday, November 28

"Yes, I actually do have one of those"

So, now that's done. And tomorrow morning begins the full-court press from my family to decorate the house for Christmas. I've told them that it'll have to wait for Monday, which will have to suffice, but the amount of grief I'll get before then is going to be crazy.
But today was Thanksgiving, and it was a lovely one. It was the first big Turkey Day we've hosted at our house, and it went swimmingly.
I love how everyone is amazed that the girl who doesn't cook still has all the necessary, and sometimes not necessary but convenient and nifty, accoutrements in her kitchen. Like two potato peelers. Or the ladle for the gravy. Or the extra plates and platters. Or the butter dish. Or even the canape knives. I've got a fully stocked kitchen, y'all, I just need reasons to use it. Happily, a busy, popular and fun Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse.

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