Monday, November 4

A post-pumpkin, pre-turkey calm

It took me most of the day, but I got the Halloween decorations down and put away. I'm so neurotic about them. All the decor needs to go into their proper bins, labeled for their rooms. And with a new house, and new placement for all the stuff, all those bins needed to be repacked. So, because sometimes I'm ridiculous, it took me hours to get the bins straight.
This, in consequence, is why the Thanksgiving decorations aren't up yet.
Tomorrow's agenda:
Thanksgiving decorations ~ I would say that this should be quick and easy, but I've got a few new things, so no doubt I'll be walking around my house with random bits of autumnal prettiness for hours until I find the exact right place for them.
Actual work ~ Yes, I am still doing the social media job. My account list has shrunk, but that's okay. It should only take me a few hours to get next week's posts done.
Brownies ~ I've been tasting for chocolate for several days now, in a way that Halloween candy can't fix. I had some hot chocolate from Dunkin' this morning, and it was delicious. I think I'll get some tomorrow morning, too, but still ... brownies.
Book reading ~ I still hold out hope that I'll get something read over the next few weeks. Might as well keep it on the "agenda."

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