Wednesday, September 18

Ugh. I hate it

Oh my goodness, you guys, the new iOS 7 is ugly.
It doesn't look sleek at all. Instead, it rather looks like a pile of kids' stacking blocks, with so many different colors and primary shapes. Also, the icons have changed for so many of the Apple-specific apps, that it is hardly even a familiar phone.
To top it off, I have a bunch of cell phone-only contacts in my text app that I now have no idea who they are. I mean, they're numbers certainly, but I have no idea who they belong to. They aren't listed in my Contacts, because if they were, they would correlate. Rather, they are just numbers. And I'm an anal-retentive weirdo, so I delete the conversations once they're done, and now I can't even figure out who they are based on those.
HEY APPLE!! What's the point of having larger folders on the phone if I still have to flip a page to get through them?!
I just feel like everything is so big. It's like the phone is all of a sudden designed for someone who reads large-print books. And the zooming motion to the opening and closing of apps is like an uninvited 3-D movie in your hand. There's too much inconsequential movement with this operating system, and it's making me seasick.

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