Monday, September 30

Tomorrow, we buy candy

ITEM!: I may have come up with an idea for Sydney's birthday party. Is it weird that I'm nervous about it? I mean, here we are, at seven years old, and we've never hosted a school-friends birthday party. We've had plenty of parties out in California with my friends and their kids, but never an event just with Syd's school friends. I'll check out the venue this week, and then get to planning.
ITEM!: We're having toilet issues in the master bathroom. First of all, the arm that connects the flushing handle inside the tank snapped, so it needed to be replaced. Then, the bolts at the bottom of the tank are rusted and leaking. I've texted my landlord to find out who their plumber is, and am waiting to hear back from them.
ITEM!: Tomorrow is October 1. And what do we do on October 1? We decorate for Halloween! I'm super excited. I've got a lot of actual work this week, so I did what I have to do to get to Wednesday, and clear up my morning tomorrow. I have tons to decorate and figure out in the new house, and not much time to do it. Unfortunately, Daisy has a doctor's appointment, and then I have to get Syd. So, I'll probably get most of it done. Let's see how quickly I can work, and if I can avoid distraction (not possible).
ITEM!: I should have been asleep a long time ago. I'm so tired lately. And having headaches. I think I'm fighting a bit of a stuffy nose, and that stuffiness is the reason behind my headaches. I need some cold medicine. Yeah, cold medicine makes everything better.

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