Thursday, September 12

Red raspberry jam is the only way to go

It's a SANDWICH thing: Why does eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch make me feel like I can eat pretty much anything else I want for the rest of the day? Tootsie Rolls. Chips. Hummus. Candy. Thank goodness I haven't found any zingers in my grocery stores yet. But really, my sandwich was delicious this afternoon. I made sloppy Joes for dinner, too, but Brian came home with hamburgers, so the Joes are in the fridge ... for lunch and dinner tomorrow.
It's a URINE thing: Update on testing Daisy's pee, because I'm sure you have all been waiting with bated breath for the conclusion to last night's post cliffhanger. She allowed me to wave the stick under her pee stream. I told you, she's a focused peer. She didn't even know I was back there. But the best news is that the result was: negative. Which is good with the diabetes, so I'm super pleased! It means that the insulin is working as it should, and that her body is responding to it. (Right? I mean, I think that's what the vet said that means. She talks really, really fast, so I missed what exactly a negative reading means, but I do know that she said that "negative" is the result that we're after.)
It's a JOB thing: I applied for a senior proofreader position close by my house today. As Brian said, the job requirements in the listing read like my resume. This makes me confident, but I'm still hopeful and generally wishful. It's a full-time gig, too.
I wonder if I can work through the standard lunch hour, and take my lunch time in the afternoon to pick up Sydney, and then make her sit quietly in my desk area until I'm done for the day. Hmmm. This sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud. But in my head, it was logical. I promise.
It's a FOOTBALL thing: My goodness, you guys, my Patriots are going to make me have kittens this season, I can feel it. Sure, they won tonight, but it was such an ugly game that I am genuinely concerned for the season. I need a solid set of receivers, and I just don't have that with all the rookies out there. My extensive coaching experience leads me to think that Mr. Kraft needs to get Randy Moss on the phone tomorrow. Or anyone with some experience who can actually catch and hold on to the ball.
It's a BABY thing: So, what do you do when your kid's new school picture isn't the cutest? Do you still have to put it out?

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