Sunday, September 22

My feet need maintenance

ITEM!: The first thing I am going to do when my paycheck drops in the checking account is get a pedicure. I need one ... BADLY. My feet are messed, all rough and calloused, and unfit for human eyes. They need to be scraped, moisturized, pampered and nail painted like no one's business, and it can't happen soon enough.
ITEM!: I somewhat enjoyed the Emmys tonight. Or, you know, the death parade. I hate how the time chunks are divided, and how most are used. I don't think anyone cares to see song and dance numbers. It's for certain there does not need to be an interpretive dance in the middle of the show. I think it's a travesty that they play off award winners, and give time to excessive memorial pieces, and dancing, and "humorous vignettes," etc. We're there to see the award winners. Let them speak.
ITEM!: Sydney must be growing up, because we wandered through Toys R Us today, and we left, without buying anything. She saw a couple things that were okay, but nothing that she needed to bring home with her. I think that's kinda sad. But still, even though she was too big for toy shopping, she still wore a dress-up princess dress all day.
ITEM!: I've made the first cut from my television viewing agenda; Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which stars Andy Samberg, has been removed from my DVR schedule. I got through the first 15 minutes, but then turned off the show. It wasn't funny, and Samberg was ... how to put it ... irritating. It gave me blahs in a powerful manner. I'm not wasting time on such as that, so it's out. Sleepy Hollow is still on the DVR though, and I'll get to that tomorrow, before the second episode airs tomorrow night. This week is the beginning of the heavy rotation of television. I need to be ready.

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