Friday, September 13

Caution: Internet wormhole ahead

I just pulled myself out of a Cute Animal Internet Video wormhole. I got sucked in via the kitten who wanted to "test" the bath water. And there is nothing better than watching a dog video in which there is barking, and to see it wake up Oliver and Daisy, who are like, "What? Who's barking?"
But I also like the random stuff. Praying mantis jumps onto phone, scaring people. Cat attacks horse. Raccoons in a pool party. Piglet oinking at cats. Dog on trampoline. Cat in box. Cat attacks bag. Cat steals dog's food. Dog plays with hen. Cat hangs from screen door. Parakeet spews pop culture phrases. Baby bunny sneezes.
No joke, cats seem like such fun to have around. Dogs don't give a shit about an empty paper bag. Nor are they intrigued by cardboard boxes, or birds on television. They don't chase laser pointers, either.
Dogs do cuddle like champs, though. Also, they growl. And stretch a lot. And roll over for tummy rubs. And chase squirrels in their sleep.

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