Thursday, September 19

Aw, c'mon; she's cute!

Today, we welcome an Random Numerical Milestone.
Give a nice, warm welcome to blog post number 2,300!!

[The Dating Game music, please!]
Number 2,300 likes long walks in the desert, eating bean and cheese burritos, drinking cheap cognac, and playing Beethoven on the ukelele. Her favorite movie is Spaceballs, and she loves watching police procedurals and shows about difficult and sometimes ridiculous jobs done by people living in the middle states. Also, she uses an alias at Starbucks, it's Countess Batling Lindencherry.

In all honesty, I did not think that I would get to this number. Pretty crazy. September 13 was my eight-year anniversary doing the blog. Eight years and 2,300 posts. Still though, even with that amount of time, it feels like 2,300 is a whole lot of blogging.

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