Wednesday, July 24

The day in "John" and "Jon"

Jon Stewart is still on hiatus from The Daily Show, and I miss him terribly. I am getting excited for the first day he's back in the studio, and am eager to hear the screaming from the audience. If he leaves the show for good, I'll be a sad camper.
John Oliver is taking over for Stewart while the latter is gone. And he's doing a fantastic job. I think it was a ridiculous bit of luck that this whole thing with the royal baby went down while there is a British guy behind the desk of The Daily Show. He's making it awesome. I think I may miss him when Stewart returns. He's making me giggle, even when I never thought anyone but Stewart would or could.
John Cusack is usually a pretty rock-solid indicator of a movie being a good one. Tonight, we watched The Numbers Station, starring Cusack and Malin Ackerman. I picked the movie because of Cusack, and it sat on the TV stand for a couple weeks waiting for us to watch it. Huh. As my husband said, "It's not the worst he's done -- or you've chosen -- but it's not the best, either." ... ... Also, this poster makes Ackerman's character look much more badass than she was in the movie. She spent a good portion of the film asleep, and only held a gun for all of five minutes. They also aren't showing her limping. Sure, she was the smart girl who -- spoiler alert -- saved the day, but she also was a classic damsel in distress who needed to be carried, supported, coddled and cooed at throughout her ordeal. Ugh. I'm not saying that all the women need to be butt-kicking, marksmen that could cut someone, but I get tired of them being all fragile and distressy.

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