Friday, July 19

Photographic gold

This is a picture of my dog. He's yawning.
I sometimes have impromptu photo shoots, and today I conducted one. Oliver was laying on my bed, and I knelt on the floor in front of him, just taking pictures. He typically gets bored of me snapping photos of him, but today, I was given gold. He yawned. And I happened to be snapping away the whole time. And I got this. This is one of my favorite pictures of my boy ever.
I was so giddy with this image that I immediately texted it to Brian. And tonight, it's my profile picture on Facebook. I enjoy how, over the course of his life, I can probably name you eight or nine photos that I've taken of him that I love more than any others. I'm adding this one to that list, and I'm completely smitten by it. Oliver is the best.

Also, the interview for today was rescheduled for Sunday morning.

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