Sunday, July 14

Lazy is as lazy does

How lazy were we, as a family, today?
* Sydney wore her pajamas all day. Really. She put a dress-up dress on over them, and wore that the entire duration of the day. Tonight, when I told her to get ready for bed, I had to clarify for her to put on some fresh pajamas, instead of just saying, "Put on your pjs!"
* I was permitted to stay in bed until 10:20 this morning. Oh, I was interrupted several times in my morning dozing, but to the point, I was not made to get out of bed until 10:20 a.m.
* Brian barbecued some chicken, and we snacked on that all day, with some popsicles, Dairy Queen and chopped melon to supplement. Sydney also enjoyed some yogurt and a sandwich.
* Brian and I watched The Newsroom all afternoon to catch up on last season before tonight's premiere episode of season two. That's such a good show.
And tonight, as I sat here, trying to figure out what to post on the blog, I realize that, oh my goodness, we were so lazy today!

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