Friday, July 5

Donut + stripey candy = mass destruction

ITEM!: I haven't heard anything from the book publisher in regards to the book editor job, and that makes me a little nervous. I think I did a good job with my test, but now I'm getting all icky about how maybe I've lost my edge, and maybe I'm not a good editor anymore, and maybe I missed one bitty thing but that she's decided I'm not worth her time or trouble. That would be disappointing for me.
ITEM!: I'm still stuck on level 65 of Candy Crush Saga, and I'm starting ... yes, starting ... to get frustrated enough to stop playing. I've been on this level for a month now ... yes, a month ... and tonight I got the closest to solving it as ever, but I still failed. That made me legitimately want to cry. And that is ridiculous when it comes to frickin' phone games. My stubbornness and refusal to purchase any cheats on the game is beginning to waver big time.
ITEM!: We sat Sydney down yesterday and watched 101 Dalmatians, as a family, together. It was the first time she'd sat through the entire movie, and I was happy to enjoy it with her. I was even permitted to sing along whenever I wanted. We agreed to watch Peter Pan on Sunday all together, too. I tried to get her to watch Aladdin today, but she wasn't interested. Maybe some other time next week. Also, Lady and the Tramp.
ITEM!: I get all the rest of my plants back from Brian's mom tomorrow, and I'm super excited to get them home. Of course, they'll suffer a bit being back in my care after they've spent the last few months with their grandmother, as any child would, but I'm eager to organize and make them at home in their sunny places throughout the house.

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