Friday, June 28

Oh, if only that was where I'd be sitting

ITEM!: Happily, the carpet shampooing was a tremendous success. I never really know, you understand, when I plan a new adventure, and prepare for it. This one though, after copious instruction reading and re-reading, went off without a hitch, and I now have a houseful of clean carpets, rugs and hardwood flooring. Consequently, there are now no shoes allowed in the house. Shoes are taken off in the laundry room. Also, everyone is permitted (yes, "permitted") to keep one pair of flip flops near the slider to wear outside in the backyard. The hitch in my get-along is, of course, dog foot dirt. There's nothing to be done about that though, and I'll survive.
ITEM!: Speaking of dog feet, I was inspired to trim the foot hair that grows in between the dogs' toes this evening. It sounds like a fanciful notion, but really, it was necessary. Both Oliver and Daisy were slipping and sliding on the floor because their toes couldn't find any traction; and Oliver had a couple of those icky little mats that grow in between the toe pads, which needed to be trimmed out. It should come as no surprise to you that Daisy is the difficult one when it comes to this process. I hold them on the their backs and between my legs, with feet facing me for this process. With Daisy, I get kicked in the stomach and boobs more than I find appropriate. This is why Oliver gets more treats.
ITEM!: A larger, two-story house is becoming a bit of a nuisance, especially with my flair for leaving things in one room when going into another. Things I've been leaving, and then having to go get (which is more inconvenient because more times than not, the things are left either up or downstairs): my glasses, the cell phone, my water bottle, hand lotion, and various snacks; also, pens. The solution for the glasses is the subject for this weekend's hunt. I need a glasses-holder necklace, so I can wear them everywhere I go in the house. I would also like something similar for my phone, but I refuse to be the Mr. T of forgetful household items. For the phone, I'll exercise, and go up and down the stairs.
ITEM!: I think tomorrow will be the day when I put away the moving-in and settling-in tools, and declare the home officially done. I'm growing another Goodwill box, and could stand to spend another few minutes in the garage getting and putting away a couple things, but on the whole, I think I'm about ready to sit down.

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