Thursday, June 27

And then, it's a shoe-less house

Tomorrow, I will attempt to shampoo my carpets. In the house, there is but a little bit of carpet: in the bedrooms and on the stairs. The stairs were thrashed with the move-in, with lovely black dolly-tire marks going up and across them. The hardwood floors need to be cleaned, as well. I've avoided one in preparing for the other, but it's time now.
First, the carpets, and then the upstairs hard floors. The stairs are a little scary, I think, because I can very easily see myself tipping the damn machine down them, and then having to clean up the subsequent mess, and then having to explain to Brian's mom what happened to her shampooer machine. But then the floors downstairs will be done, as will the area rugs.
Fun for the floors!!
Still, I think I may be excited about a new cleaning adventure. The fear makes it exciting. Because for any other reason, I'd be avoiding it.

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