Sunday, May 12

Mother's Day is a brilliant invention

Well, even though my Mother's Day started off with Daisy vomiting on the bed; Sydney refusing to let me sleep in; Oliver's dingleberry incident; and, perhaps worst of all, no Starbucks waiting for me when I got up, it turned out to be a pretty decent day.
I got a card from my kid that, among other loving platitudes, thanked me for taking care of her when she was little (this is definitely a keeper, because it is totally awesome). ... There was plenty of parking at the mall, which was good, but there wasn't anything there that I wanted to buy, which was boring (and also good, because I should not be shopping). ... I had a plan for The Cheesecake Factory, which consisted of Sydney and I walking into the bar and eating there, since there was only two of us. And it worked brilliantly. ... My Starbucks, once I finally got it, was delicious. ... Sydney did a good job of keeping herself entertained in her room throughout the afternoon, so I could binge read my final Percy Jackson book. ... And the chocoholic cupcake is among my favorites at the cupcake bakery.
And since I haven't finished the Percy Jackson book yet, I'll be finishing here and shutting down the computer. I still have an hour and 15 minutes of Mother's Day left, and I'm going to spend it doing one of my favorite things: reading in a quiet house.

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